Our approach to health equity

Working collaboratively with healthcare providers and community-based organizations to drive innovative solutions to ensure everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

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The impact of inequity in the healthcare system

Everyone has the fundamental right to be as healthy as possible, yet where a person lives has one of the greatest influences on their health. Addressing the social factors that influence a person’s health is not only the right thing to do, it is critical to improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare system costs.

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    twenty-five years

    The possible impact on life expectancy based on neighborhood (RWJF)

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    more than one in three

    older adults on Medicare are living below the federal poverty level. (The Commonwealth Fund)

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    Three hundred and twenty billion dollars

    The estimated annual cost of health inequities, which could grow to $1 trillion by 2040 (Deloitte)

Our commitment to health equity

Addressing equity in healthcare is a top priority of our organization. We are building a culture that integrates health equity into the work of every employee, empowering them to partner on solutions to reduce disparities.

We are delivering community-centered healthcare that:

  • Understands our population and their needs
  • Prioritizes patient experience
  • Deepens trust between our institutions and the communities we serve
  • Eliminates systemic barriers to achieving one's best health
  • Invests in community assets

Addressing health equity needs

Data Collection and Analytics

Understanding who our beneficiaries are and the challenges they face in achieving good health guides all that we do. We use a variety of data sources to identify opportunities to address disparities, improve outcomes, and reduce the cost of care. Examples of data sources include:

  • Direct feedback from community stakeholders
  • Demographic data
  • Social needs data
  • Population-level data
  • Medical claims
  • EHR data
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Program Delivery

We will deploy unique, sustainable programs to impact the health inequities our beneficiaries face. This includes co-creation of new programs to address emerging needs and supporting and investing in existing provider and community-based programs. 

Success is measured by our ability to improve the health equity of our beneficiaries and is supported by partnering with organizations who share this commitment.


Achieving health equity requires the dedication of our staff and provider groups to continuous learning about health equity, enabling us to advance our cultural humility and ability to impact health inequities. Our staff have access to a variety of health equity training opportunities focused on building the skills to deliver on health equity goals.

It is also critical that we build beneficiary comfort and trust and are supporting this through hiring strategies that ensure our staff are reflective of the communities they serve.

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